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About The British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

20.10.2020 | Lifestyle

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This short (2 ½ minutes) video gives a good overview of the benefits for you and what you can expect from a consultation with me.


Vitality: food, movement, sleep and healthy lifestyle choices are the foundations of vitality and continued wellbeing.

For over 20 years, BANT members have been providing individuals with personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, translating complicated science into simple recommendations that fit in with your lifestyle and help you reach your full health potential.

Today’s world is demanding, we move less as we spend more time on-line. We’re often pulled in all directions, choosing foods and leading a lifestyle that can make us feel depleted of that energised feeling we once had, even increasing the risk of ill health. Suddenly your digestion starts to act up, the quality of your sleep suffers, your mood is darker than usual or you feel like your health sparkle has gone. You may find yourself experiencing weight-management issues or feeling that the cold you got last month still hasn’t shifted.

We are all individuals and, with the support of a BANT Nutrition Practitioner, you have the ability to embrace that individuality to care for and nurture your body systems thereby optimizing their functions. Gaining understanding of you how you feel by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle today can have a long-lasting effect. So the investment in your health now is contributing to your healthy longevity.

BANT members study nutritional sciences at a minimum of degree level equivalent and have been trained to work with individuals clinically, involving you in all aspects of your care so that decisions about your health are made collaboratively with food choices that suit you and your lifestyle.

The mission of all BANT nutrition practitioners is to help you improve your health. You can be reassured that when you work with a BANT Nutrition Practitioner their recommendations on food choices will be informed by the best scientific research available and that they will put you, your values and preferences right at the centre.

Talk to one of our members today about how nutrition and lifestyle medicine can help you take charge of your health.

What a joy it is to enjoy health and life!


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